• My friend’s name is Ali and he is from Abu Dhabi. He likes computers, running and diving. Also he likes spending time with his family. He doesn’t like watching TV, listening to music and noise. He wants to improve his English and learn more about computers and how to make a website. Ali is looking forward to being a chemical engineer because he wishes to serve his country>>>bah bahhhhhhhhh

    Monday, July 28, 2003

    My name is khalid Al-Hamli. I live in Abu Dhabi. I'm studying in the PI and wish to complete my study here. i like playing football, practicing kong fu and swimming. Sometimes I enjoy watching T.V and going out with my friends. every friday I go to the beach with my friends or with my girl friend. I hate smoking becouse it is a dangerose weapon but some people think that it is an excellent medicine. Always I thank God for my good family wich contain my parents, three brothers and two sisters. the PI is near my house so I can come to it any time. in the class we have a fantastic teacher. He is Mr.Steven. I hope he will be with us everytime.



    My frined is Ali. I make for him a good joke................... I was kedin maaaaaaaaan. I know you dont have a girl friend>> he he hee


    when I woke up in the morning I found my self on the floor out of my bed and my finger was broken, that was the worst day in my life. In that day I saw many troubles and got many problems. At 9 o'clock in the morning I brake up a fight with my big brother. I was angery and I don't know why. When the afternoon comes a fire disteroy my father's car. The weather was hot and the car was hot too. I went to the market to bay some needs for me and near the cashear... I couldn't fined my money. It was a bad view for me.When I reterned home my mother was washing the floor. So when I opened the door I fall down and broke another finger. I had a nap to 7 o'clock then I desided to go out with my brother's car. In my way to the mall a police man stoped me. "where is your lisen" the police man sayed " you seems to be small for that". without any word form me I was taken to the police station. after one hour my father get me out of the station. When I reach our home I ran to the bed to have sleep to the next day wich maybe good than this day

    Tuesday, July 22, 2003

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